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Because of your hard work and determination, Sam Stahl has been arrested for the murder of Timothy Drummer. 

On September 15th Timothy Drummer serviced Sam Stahl's pool right after he finished Rosa's.  He left in a hurry and forgot to lock the pool gate.   This was a deadly mistake for Sam Stahl's two-year-old son.   Sam was in the kitchen when his son climbed out of the crib, walked out by the pool, and drowned.  

Sam planned to confront Tim at Rosa's house, but when he got there, Tim was talking to his assistant and then to Ford.   Sam stayed in the yard, hidden from Ellie and Ford's view.  When they both left, he approached Tim.  Tim was upset because of the conversation he had just had with Ford, and when Sam confronted him, he was defensive and denied fault.   The argument quickly escalated, and Sam's anger got the best of him.  He strangled Tim to death.  


The hose could be easily used by anyone of the suspects as it belonged to Rosa.   However, Sam had the strength and height to strangle Tim. 


Sam entered the yard only three minutes after Ellie and only four minutes before Ford.  However Ellie nor Ford mentioned seeing him.  Sam was the only suspect we were able to eliminate. 


Sam was convinced Tim was responsible for leaving the gate open.  An act that lead to the death of his very young son.  Sam was determined to make sure Tim paid for his actions.  

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