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Because of your hard work and determination, Tristin Stone has been arrested for the murder of Faith Darling. 

After all four suspects left, Faith emailed Whitlockmc0123 at 9:35. Whitlockmc0123 replied, "Alright. On My Way."  Whitlockmc0123 was the last person to see Faith alive that night.    

You could access Motivational Clouds banking activity by using the Ipad email to attain the bank website, the account number on the bank card, and listening to Jim's statement.  This activity shows high withdraws to the same Whitlockmc0123 and draws the account negative.  

After reading that Tristin is an Aquarius on the Motivational Clouds website, you can connect the email handle to Tristin, as 0123 stands for her month and day of birth. 

In Tristin's statement, she tells you polka dots are her favorite pattern, and a polka dot shoe was left behind on the scene.  


Tristin's fingerprints were on the murder weapon.   


Tristin was the last person to see Faith alive as she replied to an email to Faith that she was on her way over. 


Tristin was pulling funds from the bank account causing the account to go negative.  Faith was ending their partnership arrangement and this made Tristin very upset.    

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