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Because of your hard work and determination, Ted Nollan has been arrested for the murder of Hope Night.   

Hope's vehicle was detailed at 4:05 pm that day. Therefore, it's fair to say that any beverage cans or other garbage found in the vehicle had been left there after the car was detailed.   The Monster drink, the cash-out receipt, and Cindy's statement prove Ted Nollan is also known as Monster. 


These items also prove Ted was in Hope's vehicle after the car was detailed, and the two had spent more time together than Ted wanted you to believe in his statement. 


Sandy Timm

You can rule Sandy out as a suspect because she did not have access to the murder weapon.  In her statement, she informed you that she handed in her keys to the bar cutlery cabinet.  Max Olson's statement confirmed this. 

Max Olson

In Max's statement, he told you he had never gone back to the club after he left to help his sister.  His text messages to Hope confirm his story and timeline.  There were no motives to connect Max to the murder. 

Cindy Timm 

Max and Cindy Timm's statement matched.  There were no motives to connect Cindy to the murder. 


Ted was the manager that night, giving him access to the murder weapon.   


While in Ted's statement, he says he went home right after Cindy, the cash-out receipt shows he did not leave the bar until after 2:30 am.   The evidence at the crime scene shows he had a deeper relationship than he led onto.  


Ted stated he was happily married. However, the text messages and the sonogram found at the crime scene show Hope was going to have a baby and planned to keep it.   Hope didn't want to be kept a secret so Ted killed Hope to keep his affair secret.  

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